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Hier haben Sie die Möglichkeit, mit Hilfe eines kostenlosen Multiple-Choice-Tests Ihre Niveaustufe zu ermitteln. Dieser Test wurde auf Business Englisch zugeschnitten und Sie sollten ca. 20-30 Minuten Zeitaufwand einplanen. Am Ende erhalten Sie eine automatische Auswertung Ihrer richtig beantworteten Fragen. Der Test sollte wie folgt gewertet werden:

0 bis 10   Absolute Beginners
Network 1
11 bis 20   False Beginners
Network 2
21 bis 35   Lower  Intermediate
Network 3
36 bis 44   Intermediate
Network 4
45 bis 51   Upper Intermediate
Network 5

Multiple Choice Test
Choose the correct answer. Only one is correct.

1. Eva is person I know.
2. I go to work car.
3. The prices in Munich recently.
4. She has not many mistakes.
5. Please, don´t forget to come. The meetings always begin time.
6. She managed that company the late seventies.
7. This table is made wood.
8. It is a very chair.
9. My car is . I have to find someone to repair it.
10. Daniel, I can´t hear a word of what he is saying on the phone. Please, turn the music.
11. Over the last years our sales up.
12. I in this firm for 10 years.
13. If our business continues like that we market leaders in a few years.
14. If we market leaders I could a higher salary.
15. Can I you to Mr. Smith?
16. Hello, I am to meet you.
17. At the moment I for Langenscheidt.
18. This institute in Munich.
19. It is the Vienna State Opera.
20. The office is the second floor.
21. There are about 40 working for Langenscheidt Network.
22. Many of them come from countries America, England or Australia.
23. The institute offers 60 language courses.
24. In the lower courses we teach things.
25. The institute has different classrooms. They vary in .
26. There is a storm coming. The clouds look .
27. This person me of Sabine.
28. Oh no! I made a .
29. Well, it was not an easy problem you .
30. Actually, it was a highly matter.
31. Think about it again. The solution to that problem is not that .
32. The President of the United States of America is the end of January.
33. It is believed that he will govern the country in a very way.
34. His business background is the business.
35. He was at a big international agency.
36. I was really surprised to go into politics.
37. If he he would have made more money.
38. I don't know if it was a good decision the old job.
39. If I I will buy a big boat.
40. If I I'd be happy.
41. Had I won the big house, I my entire family to move in.
42. They own a country house in Vermont. I think they it last year.
43. They spent $200.000.- on the house. This is a fortune if you consider that they make than $20.000.- a year.
44. Yes, that sounds like a small fortune. It's really money.
45. What we should not forget, however, is that the costs to maintain the house are low.
46. Anyway, I hope they in Vermont.
47. And I hope we can get one day.
48. I understand that the ADSL lines within the next hour.
49. Exactly, all we have to do is the router and then our software specialist this device.


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